Team Cookie

As a Christmas present, my parents took our family and my sister Patti’s family to Disney World. To celebrate, and to help in locating each other for at least one day of the visit, we decided to create T-shirts for the entire troupe, and Laura plunged into the project with vigour.

Each member got the above image on the back of their shirt, and their own portrait, in chibi style, on the front. For instance, here’s the three of us:

These were then shipped to Paul Mason of Bubblestreet.ca, who output them to transfers and heat pressed them, them shipped them back just in time for the Christmas tree.

Here are the finished results:

We got a lot of compliments from staff and tourists. It was even sweeter when they had seen other members of the team earlier, and said so. Waytogo Laura!

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  1. David "Giotto, Masaccio And Me" Barker says:


    I don’t know about art but I know what I like.

    I just think of you guys as just regular friends, I always forgot you can actually art.

    Highly cool.

    Now draw me.


  2. Laura says:

    A challenge, huh? How ’bout this:

  3. David "Famous Art" Barker says:

    Excellent! It captures my je ne sais quoi!

    And my animal magnetism!

  4. Peter says:

    It also can be used as Photo ID at most major airports int the world!

  5. aiabx says:

    There’s a box of donuts on the way if you *don’t* draw me.

  6. Laura says:

    Shall I hold you to that?

  7. aiabx says:

    I guess I’d better live up to it now. A chibi-style sketch could undo years of cynicism and bitterness. Then where would I be?

  8. David "No Pressure" Barker says:

    Draw him! Do it!

    I’ll shovel your ramp, driveway, frontwalk and back alley!*

    *Not applicable in Toronto or surrounding areas.

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