Halloween 2016

Jon This year I had a great Halloween. My costume was Flash, who is a character of the movie Zootopia.

Flash from Zootopia
Flash Slothmore from Zootopia.

This costume involved make-up and fake fur. Dad went downtown and bought the fake fur and mom sewed it together to make a furry hood and arms. She also made props like, DMV signs, the Zootopia licence plate and Flash’s coffee cup.

The day before Halloween, we did a make-up test to make sure it looked good. As dad painted my face, we listened to the Zootopia soundtrack.

Makeup test
Dad painting Jon’s face.

Everything was good, so we did it again for Halloween.

Final slothface
Jon goes full sloth!

On Halloween night, I gave out candy slowly and talked slowly. My Halloween was fun.


Sloth at the wicket
With candy and props.

Sloooow Jon