The Call


In my office in front of the computer. Jon had been back from overnight camp for about half a week and was still a happy, Chatty Cathy, sitting beside me at his computer. The phone rang and I picked it up. I didn’t quite make out what the guy on the other line was saying at first because of the chatter two feet from my ear—but then I realized that it was Glenn from the audition, and he was asking me if I wanted to be a contestant on Jeopardy! in September. I was getting “the call”!

My first thought was, “Boy, that was quick.”

After that I don’t remember what Glenn said for the rest of the phone call because my brain froze up.

It was the weirdest thing—I literally couldn’t string two sentences together; it was as if my tongue and brain were working at different gear speeds. I apologized for my incoherence, but Glenn reassured me: “Actually we get this kind of response a lot”. It was a longish call with lots of information getting passed on. He assured me that he was emailing the info as well, since he knew too well that not much of the info was actually penetrating my skull at that moment.

Then, when I calmed down a bit, my next thought was: I’ve only got a month and I still have huge voids in my knowledge base! Gaaah, time to start studying!!

The next day, as promised, I got an email with all the info: where to stay; date of taping/air date (New Years day, 2013); how to dress (no green or fine patterns); pages and pages of rules and regs to sign and send back; tips for a creating a good anecdote (Uh oh. I kind of exhausted my store of stories for New York. Maybe I’ll just reuse them); US tax info, etc. etc. Gaaah, they want the form faxed and I don’t have a fax machine! Scans in email were okay, though—but scanning 10 pages and emailing them was taking precious study time away from me!!

I had a month to cram.

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  1. Jill says:

    Wow! How exciting!!!

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