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Youth at Work

I came back from camp with a cold virus but when I got better, I started the Youth at Work program at Bloorview. At Bloorview I helped with the car wash. I did a variety of occupations in different places outside of Bloorview at StopGap, High Park Children’s Garden, New Circles, and the North York …

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The Making Of Dr. Antivirus

This just in: Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of Dr. Antivirus.


Ducks and Turtle

This just in: Here’s a short film that I made at the NFB. (Note: Jon created a stop-motion animated movie at a downtown workshop at the National Film Board, then did post-production at home, adding sound effects and music in iMovie.—L)


Arts and Crafts and Daleks, Oh My!

A few weeks back friend Virginia mentioned that Raymond Cusick, the designer of the daleks from Doctor Who, had died at the age of 84. We exchanged emails with simultaneous suggestions that we should raise a toast to his memory by making a dalek cake. Since the debut of the new season of Doctor Who …

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Jeopardy! Epilogue

Jon got something in the mail a few weeks back (forgot to post it here): Jon and Johnny Since one of my five prepared stories for Jeopardy! included one about how much Jon loves the show and Johnny Gilbert’s voice, the show staff got Gilbert to autograph a picture for him. What a lovely thing …

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So What’s Alex Trebek like, anyway?

Your guess is as good as mine. I wasn’t planning to post anything more about Jeopardy!, but this wasn’t a bad picture. I just received it via email today—I’m guessing I didn’t get it earlier because of the New Year’s holiday. Me and Trebek: BFF.


The Game

At about 9:30 am a dozen orange-faced people were herded from the green room into the Jeopardy! studio, where we were instructed by the floor director where to look and how to use the electric pens. (With extra advice as needed from the contestant wranglers. Robert: “Don’t trip on the stripey step!”  *trip*  “Suzuki!!!”) We individually recorded …

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