Jon and his wheelchair ghost costume

Peter Jon declared that he was going to be a ghost for Hallowe’en months ago. (For those of you who haven’t seen previous costumes, here’s the 2006, 2005 and 2004 versions.) This year’s version featured a glowing full moon and optional ghost dog (Photon rarely allowed the costume to sit on her).

Jon and his wheelchair ghost costume

Jon really got into his costume this year, moaning like a ghost for many of his benefactors o’ candy. As with last year we brought the costume to school for him to participate in the costume parade:

Sunny View Halloween costume parade

…but we have an ulterior motive: it allows us to steal off to the physiotherapy department and let Jon get a good solid look at himself in costume in the huge mirrors. That really makes all the difference in his perception of who he is for the evening-to-come.

Jon had an absolute blast trick-or-treating this year. Socially, he’s very comfortable, he knows the routine, has points of commonality to chat about and everything is great.

Jon in his wheelchair ghost costume and Photon the dog
After reading the tombstones, Photon suddenly has a bad feeling about her first Hallowe’en.

Our one problem is that since we stayed out having fun, we missed all the traffic and there weren’t too many kids around later when we got home. In short, for the first time ever, we have a —— CANDY GLUT! Volunteers?

Jon and his wheelchair ghost costume

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  1. Auntie Patti says:

    Awesome costume Jon. You always outdo yourself (with the help from Mom and Dad, of course). Can’t wait to hear all about your trick or treating.

    We have tons of candy at our place if you want any. Austin (aka scary masked man with a bloody knife) and Meghan (aka Hunchback)went out for a long long time with a large pillow case each resulting in too much candy now at home.

  2. David "Boo-arker!" Barker says:

    Awesome! Very ghostly! The tree with full moon is a great touch!

  3. Pamela says:

    May I have some candy please? Could you bring some to the horse show

  4. Dr.Dagys says:

    Dear Jon,
    Totally amazing photos ! What a great costume ! You look like you had a lot of fun. I think that Mom and Dad did too. What did Photon think of all of this ? She sure looks frightened by your ghost costume. Enjoy all of the candy – but don’t forget to brush your teeth !!
    Love, Dr. Dagys

  5. Tami says:

    Fabulous costume! Everyone at Sunny View is still talking about it! Every year I look forward to see what the creative PLJ household will come up with next! You looked wonderful Jon!
    P.S. I think I need to stay awaay from those therapy room mirrors but I’m so glad they work for you!

  6. Sarika says:

    Holy cow, that costume is incredible! They seem to be getting better and better every year! I was a nudibranch for Halloween once and I thought that was something, but Jon, you’ve blown me out of the water.
    Keep the updates coming, what a treat! (get it??) Love, Sarika

  7. Severn says:

    Hey Jon and Peter and Laura!
    I’m slow on the ‘putering, but finally got to see the Hallowe’en pics. Pretty ghastly! You guys are amazing. Jon, you looked great! I like the sunglasses too, maybe one day you’ll be John Lennon for Hallowe’en. (Actually, you could be Sean Lennon…)
    The rain is finally falling on all the snow, but I think that the giant snow-egg I made by myself in the yard will last awhile (and probably kill the grass beneath it, but owell).
    Anyways, congrats on the ghoul getup and I hope you are having a good December!

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