Photon (2006-2022)

Today we had to say goodbye to Photon: our dear, tough, gentle Miniature Aussie. 

As freelancers and highly-engaged parents of a child with multiple special needs, we realized that neither of us were getting outside enough to notice the turning of the seasons. Suddenly it’s spring. How did summer come up so fast? Since when was the sidewalk covered in leaves?! So around when Jonathan turned 10, and multiple hospital appointments were fewer and farther between, we decided to get a dog to change that. A dog that needed a couple of decent bouts of exercise a day.

At the breeders
Mastering the basement stairs

And boy did she fit the bill. She insisted we go out in all sorts of weather, for an hour or more. Relatively tiny, but immune to the cold. Not a fan of the rain, but obviously someone had to go out in it. What, are you a wimp?

Eager for learning, she did several dog courses before getting the best experience of her life, the Herding Instinct Test!

She lived for the ball and the frisbee, super-competitive but never combative if another dog tried to make off with it. Gentle with kids, though not above physically getting in their way if she perceived they were in a risky situation.

One friend referred to her as “the best of dogs”, and as I sit here with tears down my face, I’m going to risk boasting that…yes, yes, I think she was. Farewell, our dear pal…

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  1. James Redekop says:

    More photos here and here.

  2. Laura says:

    What great photos! I hadn’t seen some of them before.

  3. Lindsay & Lewis says:

    We love you Photon and family! Grateful to have made so many lovely memories with you at Riverdale Park. Photon was one of the very select few dogs that got along with our reactive Berkeley. Both Berkeley and family are so grateful to have met you and your family. Sending you the biggest of hugs.

  4. Kay Sunahara says:

    A loving tribute and such great pictures. She was such a good girl!

  5. Virginia and Touhidul says:

    Rest In Peace dearest Photon! You brought such joy into all our lives. You were the best herder making sure Jon was never late for bedtime and guests were always kept in line! We will miss you but you will always be remembered

  6. John Chew says:

    Photon brought us joy every time we saw her. We are sorry for your loss.

  7. Kristen Chew says:

    She was — is — the best of dogs. Hail, Photon, quick runner, brave guardian, sweetest friend.

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