Merrywood 2017

This just in: Video of Jon’s whitewater rafting session.

Jon This summer I had another great session at Camp Merrywood.

On Day 2 the evening program was Disney Villains. One person was dressed up as Scar from The Lion King. A counsellor was dressed as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I had lots of fun.

On Day 3, we did a Star Wars-themed flag pole and campfire. The joke of the day was “What do Jedi use to open files? Adobe One Kenobi!” I played a game called British Bulldog, where you run really fast after Sam yelled it out. That was fun.

Day 4 was so amazing. Maple cabin did a chant to the Maui tune “You’re Welcome”. I liked that. We played Battleship archery where we had to shoot the ships and not the target.

Jon taking aim in archery
Deadeye Jon takes aim.

On Day 5 I went rafting on the Ottawa River. I was so happy. I wasn’t scared of the whitewater. As we voyaged in the boat, I sang the songs “How Far I’ll Go” and “We Know The Way” from Moana. Batman was the theme of the day and I imitated him.

Jon whitewater rafting
Jon enjoying himself on the Ottawa River.

More whitewater rafting on Ottawa River
Jon at extreme right.

Raft nearly covered by whitewater
Jon is second blue helmet to right.

Another favourite day was Day 6. Moose cabin did a chant to “Nomanisone Island / National Movers” from Inside Out. I told my campers that it was also used at Bloorview.

On Day 9 at the talent show, I was dressed up as the demigod Maui again for the song. I tricked the audience as the intro. After that I said “Boat snack!” I had a good time.

Jon as Maui
Jon as Maui. You’re welcome!

On Day 10, the theme for the banquet was The Great Gatsby. It was good.

I’m looking forward to next year already!



CN Tower 2016

Jon On Sunday December 18, we went to the CN Tower at night. We waited in line for the glass elevator. We were the last ones in. As we went up, I gazed through the glass door. The lights were flashing on my hands as they past by. It was so cool. Due to strong winds, the elevators were running slowly so I had a lot more time to enjoy the view.
Family at 360&#deg; restaurant at CN Tower
We joined the family for dinner. I had salad, chicken and lemon raspberry pudding. It was yummy and tasted good.

I liked the way the glass floor vibrated with the wind.
Jon on the CN Tower's glass floor
A great time was had by all.



Halloween 2016

Jon This year I had a great Halloween. My costume was Flash, who is a character of the movie Zootopia.

Flash from Zootopia
Flash Slothmore from Zootopia.

This costume involved make-up and fake fur. Dad went downtown and bought the fake fur and mom sewed it together to make a furry hood and arms. She also made props like, DMV signs, the Zootopia licence plate and Flash’s coffee cup.

The day before Halloween, we did a make-up test to make sure it looked good. As dad painted my face, we listened to the Zootopia soundtrack.

Makeup test
Dad painting Jon’s face.

Everything was good, so we did it again for Halloween.

Final slothface
Jon goes full sloth!

On Halloween night, I gave out candy slowly and talked slowly. My Halloween was fun.


Sloth at the wicket
With candy and props.

Sloooow Jon


Merrywood 2016

Jon at camp 2016-08

Jon I had another great session at Camp Merrywood this year.

At Arts and Crafts, I did Wish Upon A Star, where I coloured a paper star and wrote a wish on the back.

I also liked music and drama with Beth. She didn’t know how to imitate the Taylor Swift song “Love Story.”


I enjoyed Zen Zones, where I got to relax in my blue wheelchair for 20 seconds.

I did archery with Nicole. It was a good time.


At Life Skills, I made brookies, which are half cookie and half brownie. They were tasty.

On Day 3 I got my face painted as Disgust from Inside Out. I quoted her line which was “If my hair gets messed up, someone will pay.”

I had a Dr. Seuss-themed talent show on Day 9, where I did SpongeBob impersonations. After that, there was a special event.

The theme for the banquet on Day 10 was Harry Potter. During the awards, I won the Jeopardy award. I had banquet dinner, which was roast beef. It was yummy. After dinner, we watched a slideshow. I enjoyed it. After the slideshow we had a dance.

Jon at camp2 2016-08


Matilda the Musical

Jon On Tuesday July 19, we went to the musical Matilda. I really enjoyed the songs, especially “Naughty”, “Bruce”, “Revolting Children”, and “Telly.” I loved the character Miss Honey who had a lovely voice singing “My House.” I also liked Miss Trunchbull who was very mean. I enjoyed watching the kids swing as they sang “When I Grow Up.” We’ve all been singing the songs ever since.


Photo of P, L and J
Chez PLJ in Mirvish Theatre foyer after seeing Matilda


Halloween 2015

Jon I had a great Halloween. The theme was the movie Inside Out. I was dressed up as Anger. My dad built the head out of foam and glue. He also made flames come out of Anger’s head using a fan, a light and some tissue paper.

Jon as Anger

My mom built shelves for the memory balls, which were made out of balloons. She put some lights to make them glow and paddles made out of construction paper.

Memory balls

While I was handing out candy we put on the soundtrack to Inside Out. One of the kids trick-or-treating was dressed up as Disgust. When she saw the balls she yelled, “CORE MEMORIES!” which was fun.

Jon as Anger, but now you can see his face

I stayed out for an hour and a half and had a good time.


Youth at Work

Jon I came back from camp with a cold virus but when I got better, I started the Youth at Work program at Bloorview. At Bloorview I helped with the car wash.

I did a variety of occupations in different places outside of Bloorview at StopGap, High Park Children’s Garden, New Circles, and the North York Harvest Food Bank. At StopGap I painted ramps in different colours. At High Park I watered the gardens, and at the food bank I sorted boxes.

I also recorded some live updates and interviews, both at Bloorview and on location. Enjoy!

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