PeterSorry, things have been crazy around here, with Laura and I pulling some very late nights to finish Jon’s costume. So I’m a little late with the Halloween prep photos.

I’ll post the final costume this afternoon, but while I take Jon to music/art class, for those who don’t know what the costume was going to be/like making-of photos, here are some hints…

hint 1

hint 2

hint 3

hint 4

hint 5

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  1. Leslie says:

    That’s fabulous — Simon was a robot too, although a more generic one. We were encouraging him to say “DESTROY ALL HU-MANS” rather than “trick or treat!” 🙂

  2. David "Off The Top Of My Head, But That's Not Saying Much, In So Many Ways" Barker says:

    Is its last name a hyphen and a single vowel?

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