Our (hopefully only) U.S. election post

Laura There’s not much more to say about the U.S. presidential election beyond what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert skewer so delightfully every night, but there are some clever virals circulating on the net.

First up is palinaspresident.us, a very amusing Flash site showing President Palin (cough) in all her “I’m a maverick” glory. Just click around the picture; the site’s creator Sean Ohlenkamp is updating the site daily until the election, so several clothes shopping jokes just sprung up since the last time I was there.

Do you remember the Budweiser “Whassup?” ads about eight years ago? The creators of the ads (originally a three-minute film that was remade into a beer ad) have come back with a follow-up video supporting Obama. I thought the concept sounded rather lame (I never liked the Budweiser ads much, and I generally don’t like political advocacy videos), but the film is very cleverly done (all but one are the same actors; same camera shots) and even manages to make a rather powerful statement. Watch the original ad (top) first, to refresh your memory.

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  1. Jude says:

    Awesome find!

    I for one hope there is change south of the border.
    I cannot believe how close the election is.

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