Play-Doh Bunnies

animating Playdoh bunnies in New York City

Laura Another neat commercial (Warning: slow-loading Flash page) for Bravia TVs, with colourful claymation bunnies romping through New York to the Rolling Stones.


  1. David "Old Movie Reference" Barker says:

    Jeepers H. Cripes, it’s like Alfred E. Hitchcock’s ‘The Bunnies’, as remade by Nick Park and Aardman. Scaaarrry, boys and girls.

  2. Peter says:

    The director was the creator of Angry Kid, formerly of Aardman. But now there’s controversy—apparently the inspiration for the concept comes from this piece by L.A. designer Kozyndan. Almost certainly too, because the production company in question took a look at his portfolio a couple of years ago for “future work”. But it all leads to the usual questions: what exactly got stolen? A spark? An idea? That’s not copyrightable. Does that piece express the same thing as animating a bunch of bunnies in NYC? Is it a rip-off?

  3. David "Hmmm...." Barker says:

    Maybe it’s like all those Middle Ages Madonnas by all those guys; you know, like these.

    On the face of it, however, it looks like a rip-off.

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