Sayonora Troy

Jon goofs around as he says goodbye to Uncle Troy
Troy left yesterday, catching a flight to Vancouver on his way back to the the Yukon.

We are deeply in Troy’s debt, but we have yet to even fully tell of his talents. The past few summers he has been a ship’s carpenter, part of a team (and this past year, foreman) that was restoring the paddlewheelers SS Keno in Dawson and SS Klondike in Whitehorse for Parks Canada.

Interior of the SS Klondike

In his off-hours this summer, he built a 1/4-scale Chinese junk, to putter around on the river.

In his off-hours and winters, Troy focuses on documentary filmmaking.

A couple of years ago he finished Moccassin Square Gardens a documentary that followed the 90th anniversary reenactment of the Dawson City Nuggets’ winter journey by land (as in dogsled and snow machine), sea and rail from the Yukon to Ottawa to play the Ottawa Senators.

He showed us a new one just before he left, a 10-minute tranquil short called Break Up/Freeze Up, that displayed the beauty and complexity of the Yukon river as it freezes over in the fall and breaks up in the spring.

While he stayed with us, we heard fascinating stories, like how he was part of a 3-day buffalo hunt last winter by snowmobile, hiking up hills in hip-deep snow to spot the herd.

Thanks again Troy.