On Deck

After three years of desultory plotting and planning, our backyard deck and wheelchair ramp is finally on the verge of being completed. Much of the delay was due to the fact that, having never built a deck before, we were pretty clueless about where to start (Everyone says “ohhh it’s easy to build a deck; here’s what you do…”, but when we bring up a new wrinkle, they say “oh yeah, I forgot about that part…” Nnnggh.)

Mega thanks are due to my brother Troy, who came all the way down to T.O. from the Yukon to build it for us. (Peter helped with the decking and other general labour, but the bulk of the work was Troy’s.)

Note the t-shirt he’s wearing: “Bombay Peggy’s” – that’s a hotel in Dawson City, Yukon, whose renovation and rebuilding Troy directed.

Looking away from the house, the initial moon crater where the ramp is to go.

Framing the deck and ramp. Diagonal bracing across top is temporary (well, I didn’t know that at the time!)

Further along. Amazing how much material proper ramps need.

Ramp almost done. Beautiful pickets by Troy.

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  1. Patti says:

    The deck looks amazing. Kudos to Troy for a job well done!

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