We start again with a powerful puppy.

Neon, like Photon, is a Miniature Australian Shepherd (aka Miniature American Shepherd for dog breeder political reasons, sigh). But he’s a very different dog.

Far more cuddly, not nearly as quick to housetrain, more physically adept, and very quick to begin to fetch balls and frisbees.

Very busy causing minor trouble around the house, but super social with both people and other dogs. Since he finally got the requisite shots to be allowed to run in the park, he’s a much more satisfied pup. All that running, wrestling and fetching (even in the -10º cold) really takes the edge off!

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  1. James Redekop says:

    He’s adorable! What a fuzzball.

  2. Kristen Chew says:

    Aaaa! He’s beautiful! Can’t wait to run into him (and you too)!

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