Merrywood 2018

Jon This summer I had a great first session at Camp Merrywood.

Jon and other Moose cabin guys
Moose cabin guys

Day 1 was Canada Day, so I watched the fireworks with my camp counsellors at night time. I liked the bright lights.

Day 3 was fun. We were cabin of the day. The theme was military. We did a chant to the song, We Are The Champions by Queen. I did yoga with Sarah and Mattie. Mano joined in. I liked the pose Downward Dog. I also liked the breathing: that was the part I focused on.

I also did Music & Drama with Susan. She helped me do a jungle-themed charades, where I had to pick out a paper with a word on it then I acted out the animal. It was great. I pretended that I was in pain. I sang the 2017 holiday Local Forecast track from TWN.

Jon on drums at Camp Merrywood 2018

On Day 4 we did a Indiana Jones theme. I enjoyed it.

I also liked the Batman theme on Day 5. The song of the day was the Batman theme.

Day 8 was amazing, The theme was Looney Tunes. The joke was “What do you get when you cross a rabbit with an insect? Bugs Bunny.” The song was the Merry Melodies opening and closing themes.

On day 9 I had a talent show. I was the third actor singing “Try Everything” from the movie Zootopia. I had fun. I survived the clapping noise. I wasn’t afraid.

Day 10 was the banquet. It was Willy Wonka themed. There was a golden ticket on the tables in the dining hall. Sam read it to me. They showed a slideshow in Merrywood Hall of the whole session. Then we had a dance. There was a memory song called “Firework” that everyone liked. I enjoyed my song “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks. I told the camp counsellors it was also used in the game show Beat Shazam as song 4 in season 2 episode 5 with Jamie Fox in the end round and one of the teams got to sing it.

I had lots of fun.


Jon at camp

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    Glad you had such a great time! 🙂

    Hope your Mum and Dad did too 😉

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