Merrywood 2017

This just in: Video of Jon’s whitewater rafting session.

Jon This summer I had another great session at Camp Merrywood.

On Day 2 the evening program was Disney Villains. One person was dressed up as Scar from The Lion King. A counsellor was dressed as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I had lots of fun.

On Day 3, we did a Star Wars-themed flag pole and campfire. The joke of the day was “What do Jedi use to open files? Adobe One Kenobi!” I played a game called British Bulldog, where you run really fast after Sam yelled it out. That was fun.

Day 4 was so amazing. Maple cabin did a chant to the Maui tune “You’re Welcome”. I liked that. We played Battleship archery where we had to shoot the ships and not the target.

Jon taking aim in archery
Deadeye Jon takes aim.

On Day 5 I went rafting on the Ottawa River. I was so happy. I wasn’t scared of the whitewater. As we voyaged in the boat, I sang the songs “How Far I’ll Go” and “We Know The Way” from Moana. Batman was the theme of the day and I imitated him.

Jon whitewater rafting
Jon enjoying himself on the Ottawa River.

More whitewater rafting on Ottawa River
Jon at extreme right.

Raft nearly covered by whitewater
Jon is second blue helmet to right.

Another favourite day was Day 6. Moose cabin did a chant to “Nomanisone Island / National Movers” from Inside Out. I told my campers that it was also used at Bloorview.

On Day 9 at the talent show, I was dressed up as the demigod Maui again for the song. I tricked the audience as the intro. After that I said “Boat snack!” I had a good time.

Jon as Maui
Jon as Maui. You’re welcome!

On Day 10, the theme for the banquet was The Great Gatsby. It was good.

I’m looking forward to next year already!


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  1. Alayne says:

    The whitewater rafting looks amazing, Jon! And I love your Maui costume. Camp Merrywood is the best!

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