Merrywood 2016

Jon at camp 2016-08

Jon I had another great session at Camp Merrywood this year.

At Arts and Crafts, I did Wish Upon A Star, where I coloured a paper star and wrote a wish on the back.

I also liked music and drama with Beth. She didn’t know how to imitate the Taylor Swift song “Love Story.”


I enjoyed Zen Zones, where I got to relax in my blue wheelchair for 20 seconds.

I did archery with Nicole. It was a good time.


At Life Skills, I made brookies, which are half cookie and half brownie. They were tasty.

On Day 3 I got my face painted as Disgust from Inside Out. I quoted her line which was “If my hair gets messed up, someone will pay.”

I had a Dr. Seuss-themed talent show on Day 9, where I did SpongeBob impersonations. After that, there was a special event.

The theme for the banquet on Day 10 was Harry Potter. During the awards, I won the Jeopardy award. I had banquet dinner, which was roast beef. It was yummy. After dinner, we watched a slideshow. I enjoyed it. After the slideshow we had a dance.

Jon at camp2 2016-08

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  1. Grandma says:

    Looks like another great time at camp, Jon Hurray for Camp Merrywood

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