The CN Tower

Jon On Friday January 2, we went to the CN tower. We waited in line for the glass elevator. We were the first ones in. As the elevator went up, I took a look at the view down below me. It was cool.

We went to the Horizons restaurant for lunch. I ordered steak with french fries, and chatted with Alastair and Jim. After that, we went around the tower to see the glass floor.


We took a Vine video of me on the glass floor and also took one of mom jumping on it.


We also went outside on the outer deck and took pictures. That was a very cold blast of wind up there. We had a great time! Thanks to Jim and Wendy!


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  1. Paul Mason says:

    whoa, Laura is one trusting soul. I always feel the urge to keep one foot on the metal cross beams:)

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