The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Peter …aka The Royal Winter Fair, aka The Royal. After missing it due to one person or another being sick both weeks last year, Jon anticipated that he wanted to go even before Halloween came! My farming ancestors (including all of my great-uncles on my Mom’s side, and my great-grandparents on the Cook side) would be proud: Jon loves the animals’ smell, as well as any looking or touching he can get away with. Also back bacon or bison on a bun for lunch!

So what did we get up to this year?

Sheep in pen standing in straw
Sheep! (We shall get back to these)

Sheep with custom covers over them to protect them for show
Sheep with dust covers!

Jon's petting a white rabbit

Very fluffy grey rabbit
This bunny is called a French Angora, but in our house we call anything that looks like this a Dust Bunny.

Goats with large udders
Milkin’ goats!

Angus breed beef cattle bull
Cattle! We think this one’s name is Angus.

Sheep getting his hooves clipped and trimmed
More sheep! This one’s getting his hooves clipped.

Woman shaves wool off a single sheep
Judy Miller-Shelley of Shelley Sheep Shearing gives that same sheep a haircut!

Spinning a friendship bracelet for Jon as he watches
After the show, Judy makes Jon a friendship bracelet from raw wool.

Judy Miller-Shelley placing ram horns on the sides of Jon's head
Jon looks pretty good in these. Not to honk his horn.

Judy seating a lamb on Jon's lap
Judy was extremely kind, and decided to fetch a three-day old lamb to sit on Jon’s lap.

Had a great time at the fair, and an especially large thank you to the Shelley Sheep Shearing crew!!