Christine Lavin

Laura, Christine Lavin and Peter
Christine, fresh from a 2.25 hour performance, said she looks like a freakazoid in this photo.

PeterWell, it’s been a looong summer, and we got out on our first time-together-away-from-Jon time last night, thanks to Grandma. And Christine Lavin (in concert at Hugh’s Room) made for a terrific break.

We’ve been Lavin fans for years, and I always suspected she was at her best in concert. On her albums, she can poignant or hilarious, but last night she was there to play. She entered the room from the back, strolling amongst the tables, singing a lovely lilting song about Windchimes, which started out nice, but ended in a dark place ;-). As the show went on, audience participation was often, and often not entirely voluntary. At one point, she had all of the house lights turned down and she put on a spelunking headlamp as she searched for the king of Canada, singing to all of the men she came across, and occasionally checking the colour of their socks (and praising their fashion sense if they were white). Yes, I was one of her victims on both counts (but I was not crowned king—phew!) and it was an odd version of pleasure/torture: Christine ethereal voice singing just to me (something about looking like a White House page), all the while all I could see was the blinding white light as it bore into my skull.

Oh, and I know at least one person who would kill for her guitar: a Bill Laskin custom job with the planets inlaid along the neck, ending with a model of the Pioneer spacecraft coming out of the headstock.

Christine's fretboard

No doubt Christine commissioned it because of her devotion to Pluto, whose identity conundrum she enshrined in song years ago. Bill Laskin sold her the guitar with a certificate that said if another planet was discovered in his lifetime, he’d inlay a new planet in the instrument free of charge. So close! (But the new chunk of rock, Eris (formerly Xena) has been classified a dwarf planet, and Pluto has been demoted—to what Christine likes to call “Pla-not”).

Anyway, she an amazing performer, and we haven’t laughed so hard in a while. We needed that.

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  1. aiabx says:

    Having been a teenager in the 70’s, my guitar preference leans more towards something like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_Flying_V .
    But if I could get a cool electric guitar with inlaid planets…man, that would be sweet.
    Until I did a Pete Townshend with it.

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