Lawn, Ho!

When we last tuned in, brother-in-law David (and I, in a supporting role) had built a walkway after brother-in-law Troy (and I, in a supporting role) had built a deck and ramp.

Now the back lawn…the poor back lawn. Ten years ago, Andy, Clarence, Erik, Kevin, and Trina and I destroyed our old kitchen and dumped the contents on the back lawn where it sat until I loaded it into a dumpster. Since then it has suffered all manner of indignities. The last two years, it’s been treated to huge piles of gravel and dirt.

It gradually was taken over by crabgrass, then weeds, then the weeds decided it wasn’t worth it. It had become a foresaken land.

So we spent the past week sifting and conditioning the soil, removing an entire wheelbarrow of gravel (and other assorted crap, including the occasional bit of old kitchen), and then David came over and within two hours he had graded it and we had laid the sod.

I know, grass…suburban, non-native, high maintenance…but we have our reasons. It’d be nice to have some grass for Jon to crawl in. And some other ideas we have for the future.

Thanks so much David! You too Troy!

Photo of desolate backyard, with Apollo moon astronaut photoshopped in

Photo of green and lush backyard