Ah, (what use is) love…

From Paris—bien sur—comes this lovely little bit of animation by Cube Creative Computer Company (really, it’s a French compagnie!) :
A quoi à§a sert l’amour? (Quicktime)

Via Enrico’s blog

Oh poop, they’ve gone and removed all of their work. Must have been flooded. Woohoo, it’s back up!

Laura’s gone and researched the lyrics. It’d help if you watched it first:

Ah, what use is love?
You always hear
silly stories,
What good is being in love?

Love cannot be expained,
It’s not like that,
It comes out of nowhere
And hits you all at once.

As for me, I’ve heard
That love brings suffering,
That love makss you cry,
What good is being in love?

What good is love?
It brings you joy
With tears in your eyes,
It’s sad and wonderful!

However people always say
That love is deceiving
That one of the two
Is never happy?

But even when one has lost it,
A love that one has known
Leaves you with a taste of honey –
Love is eternal!

All this is very pretty,
But when all is said and done,
You’re left with nothing
But an immense sorrow –

But all that seems to be
Tearing you apart right now
Will become a
Joyful memory tomorrow.

So essentially, if I understand correctly,
Without love in your live,
Without its joys and its sorrows,
There is nothing to live for?

Of course! Look at me!
I’ve believed it it every time!
And I will believe in it forever!
That’s what love is for!
As for you, you are the last!
As for you, you are the first!
Before I had you, I had nothing,
With you I am complete.
You’re what I want!
You’re what I need!
You’re the one I will always love..
That’s what love is for!

(translated in Google by commenter Bannister at drawn.ca)

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