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Halloween 2016

This year I had a great Halloween. My costume was Flash, who is a character of the movie Zootopia. Flash Slothmore from Zootopia. This costume involved make-up and fake fur. Dad went downtown and bought the fake fur and mom sewed it together to make a furry hood and arms. She also made props like, …

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Merrywood 2016

I had another great session at Camp Merrywood this year. At Arts and Crafts, I did Wish Upon A Star, where I coloured a paper star and wrote a wish on the back. I also liked music and drama with Beth. She didn’t know how to imitate the Taylor Swift song “Love Story.” I enjoyed …

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Matilda the Musical

On Tuesday July 19, we went to the musical Matilda. I really enjoyed the songs, especially “Naughty”, “Bruce”, “Revolting Children”, and “Telly.” I loved the character Miss Honey who had a lovely voice singing “My House.” I also liked Miss Trunchbull who was very mean. I enjoyed watching the kids swing as they sang “When …

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Halloween 2015

I had a great Halloween. The theme was the movie Inside Out. I was dressed up as Anger. My dad built the head out of foam and glue. He also made flames come out of Anger’s head using a fan, a light and some tissue paper. My mom built shelves for the memory balls, which …

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Youth at Work

I came back from camp with a cold virus but when I got better, I started the Youth at Work program at Bloorview. At Bloorview I helped with the car wash. I did a variety of occupations in different places outside of Bloorview at StopGap, High Park Children’s Garden, New Circles, and the North York …

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Merrywood 2015

I had another great session at Camp Merrywood. I did archery and crafts. I also did music and drama with Jelena. She helped me make a broadway musical called Journey Through Time. I was the narrator. Also, I did the Wild. I had lots of fun. I exploded with Joy. I’ve designed her from the …

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Romeo and Juliet

For English class, I memorized the first part of the soliloquy from Act I of Romeo and Juliet. Here’s a video.

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