The York Humber Jr. Science Award

York Humber High School Junior Science Award

Jon I won this award by showing lots of passion for my science course at school. I also worked very hard and got a high mark. I hope I can work hard, so I can get more school awards.

Jon on stage accepting his award
Above: Jon on stage accepting his award. Below: Jon with his plaque, looking sharp in his new suit from IZ Adaptive.
Jon with his award


First time voting


Jon at voting station
(To avoid crowds we went to the advance poll for this interminable municipal election. This was Jon’s first experience voting since he turned 18 a month ago, and it went smoothly—despite the fact that the volunteer didn’t seem totally clear on how to use the assistive equipment. Afterward, Jon was quite chuffed with having done his civic duty, as can be seen in the photo.—L)


Ducks and Turtle

Jon This just in: Here’s a short film that I made at the NFB.

(Note: Jon created a stop-motion animated movie at a downtown workshop at the National Film Board, then did post-production at home, adding sound effects and music in iMovie.—L)


Ripley’s Aquarium

Jon On Wednesday August 20th we went to Ripley’s Aquarium by bus. I saw Dory, Nemo, stingrays and sharks. I also saw some jellyfish reflections.

Right before lunch I went on Dangerous Lagoon, where I got on a magic carpet that took me across the ocean. As the conveyor belt moved, I got a chance to feel the movement for a long time. It’s very cool.

I didn’t have time to see a diving show. I checked out the gift shop, where you buy things. After that, we went back on the bus to go back to Bloorview. I had a fantastic, exciting day.



Merrywood 2014

Jon I had another great session at Camp Merrywood.

I did archery and crafts.

I played Pin The Nose On Olaf with Elsa from Frozen.

I played sports and games.

Here’s me with a bunch of friends from Maple cabin.



Jon Here is a video of me Krumping with my teacher. Krumping is a type of dance where you move your arms to rhythmic music.



Jon On Tuesday December 10th we went to the stage show of Aladdin. Just like the movie it started with the song Arabian Nights, but unlike the movie there were three men singing it, throughout the musical, to help the plot.

It had a lot of the same songs that are in the movie like One Jump Ahead, Friend like me, and Prince Ali, which were big song and dance numbers. It also had new songs like Proud Of Your Boy and a new song sung by Jasmine that they were trying for the first time that night.

My favourite song was A Whole New World in the second act. As the song started the actors floated on a magic carpet into the stars and planets.

I really enjoyed Aladdin and a big thanks to Grandma for the tickets.

James Monroe Iglehart as the Genie
James Monroe Iglehart as the Genie in Aladdin
(Photo credit: Cylla von Tiedemann, Entertainment Weekly)

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